One focus of Luthardt is the implementation of technologies which promise a future-oriented development of societies in a way that benefits the environment. In order to achieve this, we strive to bring together builder-owners, planners and suppliers in the early phase of project development to find forward-looking solutions. Our target markets – the natural resource driven economies in the Middle East and Central Asia as well as Africa – represent special challenges for export-oriented technology companies due to their most recent political developments and difficult boundary conditions. Luthardt offers solid sales and distribution as well as clearing platforms to these manufacturers. Luthardt can do this thanks to its project experience of many years and its crisis-proof business relations in these countries – especially when it comes to implementing products and processes Made in Germany in a successful fashion. German energy products mostly have a great reputation in these countries. We feel bound to this quality characteristic. With experience, flexibility, efficiency and loyalty as well as the highly valuable technical know-how of our engineers we are doing pioneering work in developing countries and markets for many years now. It is here where Luthardt has found its mission and its profitability.